Двигатель автомобиля ЕВРО V

CA4SK1 series natural gas engine

As a lightweight heavy-duty engine product with a displacement of 5.2L, the CA4SK1 National VI natural gas engine has reached the international advanced level in terms of economy, power, reliability and durability. It is an ideal supporting power for city buses and trucks.

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The main technical parameters

Five characteristics of high possibility, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance, and high power are industry-leading

CA4SK1 series natural gas engine

Rated power/speedPs/r/min160/2300180/2300200/2300
Max torque/speedN·m/rlmin650/1200-1700700/1200-1700750/1200-1700
External Characteristics Minimum Fuel Consumption Rateg/kW·h198
Emission route
Equivalent Combustion+EGR+TWC
Overall Dimensions (length, width and height)mm946x750x1110
Engine mass (excluding aftertreatment)kg480

Security escort

Monitor gas leakage, automatically cut off gas when a fault occurs, detect in-cylinder combustion in real time, and double knock sensors to protect important components.

Reliable & Durable

BOSCH's new generation of gas injection system and electronic control system provides more precise control.

New natural gas cylinder head for more adequate cooling.

Integral cast spark plug sleeve, tighter seal, imported connecting rod bush, stronger wear resistance and longer service life.

Advanced comfort

German standard drum-shaped long gear transmission, the gear train is exquisitely designed, the force is small, the meshing is smooth, and the noise per meter is less than 92 decibels.

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